Basic Information about the Cloud


Starting in 2011, everybody was talking about the Cloud. Considered as the latest fashionable development in the technology of information, practically  all establishments are joining the fad. Practically most of the major IT establishments are offering a Cloud services solution, however, we not that most of us do not actually know nor understand why the buzz about this new technology.

At is very basic level, the Cloud is defined as a collection of computer systems which is shown as one entity even if in different areas. Be informed that what is offered by these big Cloud computing services at are  smooth access to a computing platform that make use of many data centres. Imagine these data centres to be even in different countries and continents that are miles apart.

Usually, it is the processor or memory usage that the customer generally pay for the service being used. In the event of a problem, these applications can move quickly to other data centre or hardware because they run on virtual machines that are independent from an actual host server.

One of the benefits of the Cloud is that its services at aim to make the customers increase or decrease fast their use of computer and thus the costs as demanded. Among the many businesses, it is the retail sector that has significant computing demands at some time of the year. A company generally have to have lots of computer power in order to meet the demands, and this computer power usually would just be idle for most part of the year.

Public suppliers that are available over the internet can offer Cloud services, and at the same it is possible to make a private cloud to serve only for your establishment. To add in more revenue for the business, you could even sell capacity of your Clouds if you have any. If you want to learn more about cloud storage, you can visit

Many establishments would use a Cloud service suppliers that they found either over the internet or through a data centre that is under leased-line connection. Through this way, employees and customers are allowed to connect to the Cloud applications wherever they are around the globe.  Note however that when there is a disruption of your network, you cannot access to the applications and thus your work is stopped, unlike those applications that are located in your pc or local server. You can avoid this situation by either having more than one internet connections, or maintain the fact that the Cloud services usually come from more than one data centre, thus you can use the others if the one you are using will go down.

Even if there are many companies ready to host your Cloud based applications, you will still need technical assistance to move your present infrastructure to the Cloud.

Note that backups and standard data centre services should be a part of the package from your Cloud supplier.


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